Dismantling Racism:Lecture and Workshops with Dr. David Campt

About Dr. Campt:

Dr. David Campt is nationally renowned in the areas of civic engagement, dialogue and deliberation, and collaborative decision-making. He teaches strategies for changing attitudes, behavior, and group culture around dialogue. David's innovative ideas and engaging personality cause groups to better address the challenges that confront them.

About the Workshops: Many white allies are in need of effective tools to engage in honest & productive conversations about race with their white friends, relatives & neighbors. The White Ally Toolkit Project focuses specifically on helping these allies have more effective encounters with people who are skeptical that racism is a problem. Utilizing contemporary research on persuasion, these interactive workshops leave participants with concrete skills to advance racial equity.
[Please Note: You may choose to take only the morning workshop. However, If you want to take the afternoon workshop you must take both the morning and the afternoon. When you register for the afternoon workshop it will register you for both.]


August 1, 7PM
Thursday Evening Lecture
An interactive lecture where Dr. David Campt will reflect on his many years of working on issues of race, reconciliation and history in Richmond Virginia and other places with difficult racial history.

Saturday, August 3 | 9AM-12:30PM
Intro Workshop
*Half Day Workshop

Saturday, August 3
Going Deeper Workshop
*Full Day Workshop (Includes Introductory Workshop)

Quarterly Drum Circle

On the 3rd Thursday quarterly (June 20, September 19 & December 19)  grab a drum and take part in our Drum Circle. 

Main Event Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

  • Open to the public. Bring your kids and families!

  • $15 Individual/$20 Family (Suggested. Not required)

  • Please bring your own drum to the event

         * There will be a few extra drums & Noise-makers to share... 
         * Rattles, Rain-sticks & similar music makers are good too!