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The Journey Through Grief


Learn to let grief heal and transform you; Learn how to support others who are grieving a death.

For those who are grieving, the class will cover:

1) When and how to reach out after a loved one dies, even when you don’t want to;
2) What to ask for and how to ask for it – how to let others support you;
3) How much to seclude and how much to interact;
4) How to get support for “the long haul”;
4) How to allow, and truly heal, the grief instead of resisting it;
5) How to walk through the dark forest spiritually intact, and how to finally find the clearings (the Light);
6) How to eventually find the gifts the grief has for you;
7) How to make the grief meaningful, and an agent of transformation for yourself and others;
8) How to unlock peace and joy again.

For those who are supporting others through grief, the class will cover:

1) What to say to, and how to be around, those who are grieving;
2) How to offer help – the do’s and don’ts;
3) The “Long Haul List”;
4) How to be present and supportive when someone is actively grieving and emoting in your presence;
5) How to support without judgement; 
6) How to help without depleting yourself ; How not to “overcare” or take on others’ grief.

About Instructor:

Jan Atkinson has a degree in Psychology; Certified Mediator; Trained in Non-Violent Communication and other forms of communication skills; Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching for over 35 years; losing and grieving a son, both my parents, and several close friends; Grief Coaching for more than seven years. I have been a Life Coach and Sacred Path Coach, and have taught classes in numerous subjects, including classes about moving through emotions, for more than 35 years.

Later Event: December 2
Pranic Healing