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CLASS: Self Healing Hand Therapy Techniques * by Dr. Bret Mosher

Course Description:  This class teaches how to find acupressure points on the hand to self treat for pain and other discomfort at home or anywhere.  It includes instruction sheet for finding points on the hand as well as acupressure beads which are put on the hands.  Classmates will team up and work with each other on finding correct points and putting the acupressure beads on each other and on themselves.  There will be a live demonstration of pain relief by using this technique by having a volunteer come up and letting Dr. Mosher do the hand therapy on them.  Attendees will learn a very basic form of muscle testing.  We will have information on where people can buy the acupressure beads in the future, if they choose to do so. (We do not sell them).

Earlier Event: July 30
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