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CLASS: Re-Balancing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Overall Course-Series Description:  This is one of six monthly classes to be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month that focuses on Conscious Health.  These classes are designed to empower your body, mind and soul.  Educate your body consciousness with pain transformations, food enlightenment, and emotional intelligence.  Discover the confidence to talk to anyone, any time. Practice listening to your inner guidance and Spirit Guides.  Accelerate your life purpose.  Culminate your six-week classes with a year-ending Visioning Ceremony (on last class).

 This month's Class Description:  In this month's class on 'Re-balancing your mind, body and spirit'...

We study spiritual principles in Unity, but do you know how to find Spirit in your physical experiences? Integrative Healer Paul Wellin teaches you how to listen to your breath, watch your shifting moods, and get your thoughts in sync with your Heart.  There is a dance, a Lila, taking place between our biology, our needs and desires, plus our search for spirit.  The battle between ego and dreams is ended by entering the dance, consciously.  Join us and discover life in harmony.