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CLASS: The Tom Bird Method: Write in the Divine Author State

The Tom Bird Method: Write in the Divine Author State

Bird's unique process takes author's through a practice that temporarily "puts to sleep" the left brain, allowing the right brain to take control of the consciousness, opening connections that allow creative "downloading," thus speeding the intuitive words and messages to paper. Writer's block magically disappears!

  • Many are drawn to the art form of writing to allow healing, transformation and the release of their divine potential. In this two-hour complimentary workshop, you write with Tom using his most successful technique, the innate and natural Divine Author Within space.

 You also receive a special gift of the same subliminal tracks played nonstop at Tom Bird Method Retreats, these audio downloads have led tens of thousands to overcome their dreaded writer’s block, and reconnect to the inspiration that is their book.


The New York Times says that 81% of Americans believe that they have books “stuck inside of them” that they just have to get out. Now, what if that vast number of people are actually being drawn by Source to do so?

If this is indeed the case, would that communing directly back to Source truly enlighten the author as part of the process of deep introspection and creative unburdening?

That’s exactly what happens, says bestselling author and renowned Book Whisperer Tom Bird who says that penning a book is one of the fastest and most surefire routes to a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment, and which is why he believes so many are innately drawn to it.

Based on the thousands of people he has taught in his Write Your Bestseller in a Weekend Retreats, Bird has midwifed his charges through dramatic transformations as they work through their resistance, fears, beliefs and painful memories that come to the fore when they begin the writing process. Time and again, he sees them breakthrough to new levels of self-awareness and conscious universal connections that change their lives.

Tom Bird is a bestselling author and -- according to Paul McCarthy, legendary editor to nine #1 New York Times bestselling authors -- the top writing coach in the world.  Through his unique spiritual approach, Tom leads hundreds of would-be authors to complete the writing of their books in a weekend. In 2014, twenty-four of those authors found homes on Amazon Best Seller lists.

Tom teaches writing from the perspective of a divine right-of-passage -- and how writing through this divine method taps into the Divine, thus transforming the lives of the reader and the author alike.

** Please note:  Anyone taking this class will receive a substantial discount on longer Writing Retreat Weekends offered by instructor following this class.