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CLASS SERIES: Power Talk, Taught & Facilitated by Jan Phillips

Course Description:  In order to become the mystics and prophets we were born to be, we have to develop a language that is inclusive, accessible. We have to find ways to initiate meaningful conversations, to share our personal experiences, to discover our own narrative arc and epic adventure. In this course, we will tap into our body’s wisdom and translate it into words that bring healing and harmony. We will experience the deep listening of others as we share our stories and mine their jewels. We will evolve ourselves forward as truth-tellers and wisdom-sharers who have the skills to facilitate dialogues of value.                                                         

Class Subject Matter: 

Class #1 – (April 6th): Harvest Our Life Experience - plot out our pivotal life experiences.

Class #2 – (April 13th): Mine the Wisdom Jewels - recognize what wisdom came with the experiences.

Class #3 – (Apr 20th): Master the Ordeals - take life stories to proper ending of gratitude; practice story-spinning.

DARK NIGHT – (Apr 27th)

Class #4 – (May 4th): Transcend the Poles - acknowledge the gift and loss inherent in each ordeal; become engaged listener and engaging story-teller.

Class #5 – (May 11th): Deepen the Knowing - Open to the universal wisdom your personal stories contain; attach story to your gems of wisdom.

Class #6 – (May 18th): Share a power story with the class; have it videotaped if you want.

Dates of 6-wk class series: Apr 6th, Apr 13th, Apr 20th, May 4th, May 11th, May 18th {Note: when registering, only the start date will show but you will be registered for all class dates}.

  • Teacher Bio:


Jan Phillips is an author of ten award-winning books that connect the dots between creativity, spiritual intelligence and cultural action. She has taught Story-Spinning for three-years in the US and Canada. She has taught with Jane Goodall and Barbara Marx Hubbard; she has performed with Pete Seeger and raised $40,000 for Haiti refugees; She has worked with Mother Theresa and sang to Gladys Knight. She is a culture-maker, a creative socialpreneur and an instigator of hope in the hearts of others. She has taught in 25 countries since 1975. This course is specifically designed for New Thought audience, aimed at improving our ability to share spiritual insights and create conversations of consequence.