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SPECIAL OFFERING: Self Safety Self-Defense Course - Recurring Group

Feel safer and have more confidence!

 You have a right to feel secure regardless of your sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, mental or physical health, age, nationality, or financial situation. 

This class is intended for those who feel targeted, frightened, or vulnerable due to current political and social climate. We will cover the basics of self defense, including avoiding and or defending against physical altercation, escaping holds, spacial awareness, using your voice, safety in numbers, and additional techniques for keeping body and mind safe.  

These classes will help you to develop a strategy for keeping yourself safe and give you the confidence to protect yourself if necessary. Learning self defense isn’t just about hitting a bad guy who is trying to hurt you or someone you love. You will be taught how to develop a proper mind set that will help keep you out of danger and help you get out it if something happens.

**Students can be from 8 years old and up, but minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult and must agree to be respectful and serious during training.

Students should be prepared for some physical activity, wear comfortable workout clothes (sweats and a t-shirt are fine), comfortable workout shoes, and bring a notebook.

Classes will also include meditation and flexibility training.

If you have special needs with your body, we will work around your strengths and weaknesses to help you develop an effective program for you.

All are welcome (but bullying and aggression will not be  tolerated.)

Appropriate for ages 8-100+  

Format of Class: Each class will begin with a short lecture to include the material for the evening, followed by demonstration and practice. Topics will include how to avoid conflicts by being aware of one’s surroundings, stepping patterns, basic grab defenses, targeting, body control, and basic hand and foot techniques (kicks and punches). Practising outside of class on the student’s own time is required.