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CLASS: Helping Release Negative Emotions With Neuroemotional Technique (NET) * Dr. Chris Hengesteg


Overall Course Description:  

Living with grief, resentment, anger, fear, anxiety, and guilt can affect every area of your life; personal, career, relationships, and health.  Being able to release these emotions can be one of the greatest ways to allow your inner essence of joy and love to shine forth even greater.  Experiencing grief, resentment, anger, fear, anxiety, and guilt are normal but when the emotions take over our lives is when it can put a block on the enjoyment of life.  This class will help figure out what emotions you are experiencing and what we can do to release them.  Many patients feel like they have an elephant off their chest after the first treatment.  

 "My story of emotional suffering with loss of my mother and not knowing how much of an effect it had on my health.  How these negative emotions can cause illness, suffering, disease Dealing with Grief, Anxiety, Guilt, Anger, Resentment, Anger, and Fear How important it is to learn how to let go and Let GOD."

What we can do to release these and also help prevent them from reoccurring.