Over the course of these long weekends, 95% of attendees finish the writing of their books for a wide-array of reasons, including publication, creative expression, professional development, healing, and transformation.
When done from the holistic Divine Author Within space, the magic of writing provides a heart-centered connection that uncovers life’s mysteries and creates permanent life-changing transformation.

You can write your book in long-hand or on your laptop computer (you are not required to use a laptop).  If you are a speedy typist, you can save the step of having to type your entire manuscript at a later time.


Thursday evening:  Pre-retreat clearing session before the retreat “officially” begins. The purpose of this session is to get you “in the flow” with your book.  With the prep-work education and understanding in place, you are primed and ready to write.

Friday morning: After a short introduction, the retreat begins, and within thirty minutes you are releasing your book from the Divine Author Within Space.

The average length of an American book is 35,000 words these days. So you can see where the ability to write your book over the course of a long weekend comes into play.

Saturday: Writing/revising continues and concludes at 3 p.m.