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CLASS: Conscious Pain Relief by: Paul Wellin

Overall Course-Series Description:  This is one of six monthly classes to be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month that focuses on Conscious Health.  These classes are designed to empower your body, mind and soul.  Educate your body consciousness with pain transformations, food enlightenment, and emotional intelligence.  Discover the confidence to talk to anyone, any time. Practice listening to your inner guidance and Spirit Guides.  Accelerate your life purpose.  Culminate your six-week classes with a year-ending Visioning Ceremony (on last class).

This month's Class Description:  In this month's class on 'Conscious Pain Relief'...

We all want to get out of pain - physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering. Integrative Healer Paul Wellin will introduce physiological, holistic, and transformational approaches to pain symptoms. The message of chronic functional pain can reveal a disconnection from our body, from our loved ones, or from our higher power. You will practice three healing questions in this class: What is the functional purpose for your pain? Why is it found in the specific zones of your body? What would happen if you stopped resisting the message? Eckhart Tolle has told us about our pain body. In this class, your Spirit invites you beyond your pain body…to sense the Light beyond your Senses.

Teacher Bio: Paul Wellin CAMT the organizer for SD Integrative Health Community (over 426 members wide) and has twenty-two years of experience as a Healer, Teacher, and Workshop Leader.  He has facilitated individuals, groups, rehab center residents, and university students to achieve their optimal health and divine potential.  He has created two breakthrough healing methods, the Yoga Therapy Treatment, and the Life-Force Course.  He hosts the Heart of Healing Radio Show and was a Professor of Psychology/Communications at Argosy University & California College, San Diego.  He was an Integrative Health panel discussion presenter at Alliant University, San Diego. He was an Aromatherapy Instructor at Meridian School, San Diego. He also gave a presentation at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT).