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CLASS: "The Path to Inner Freedom" Taught by: Rev. Will Newsom

*  Rev. Will assists you to illumine your personal spiritual path to inner freedom, peace of mind, and the countless treasures of Spirit. 

*  Through lecture, dialog, meditation, multimedia, and references to the master teachers of many cultures and multiple traditions, Rev. Will escorts you through the maze of human life with all its predicaments, disappointments and limitations, to show you how to free yourself inwardly and “live fully and well.” 

*  This course uses as its primary reference book The Untethered Soul  by Michael Singer, and quotes and stories from other master teachers.

* This course follows the inner path taken by the mystics, masters, saints, and sages of many cultures to their fulfillment:  a life of wisdom, insight, creativity, and free of human anguish. 


Class #1 –  Awakening Consciousness: 

The Voice Inside Your Head; Your Inner Roommate; Who Are You?; The Lucid Self

Class #2 – Experiencing Energy

Infinite Energy; The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart; Transcending the Tendency to Close;

 Class #3 – Freeing Yourself

Let Go Now or Fall; Removing Your Inner Thorn; Stealing Freedom for Your Soul; Pain, the Price of Freedom

 Class #4 – Going Beyond

Taking Down the Walls; Far, Far Beyond; Letting Go of False Solidity

 Class #5 – Living Life

The Path of Unconditional Happiness; The Spiritual Path of Nonresistance; Contemplating Death; The Secret of the Middle Way; The Loving Eyes of God