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CLASS: The Principles of Financial Freedom; Taught by Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell (Evening)

Course Materials written by Rev. Lloyd Strom and Rev. Marcia Sutton

Each two and a half hour class will be a hands-on experiential "whole-brain" interactive learning experience. Each class will build upon itself so all participants must commit to the full eight-weeks.  The class is based on Principles of Spiritual Truth which are universal in nature. Participants will challenge and check-in with their belief systems to take a look at whats working, not working, where you are at and where you want to go in relation to your finances and priorities in life.

Some topics to be covered in the class will be:

  • The Spectrum of Life
  • What is Truth
  • What is Financial Freedom
  • Getting to know God
  • Three Faces of God
  • Moods of Listening
  • Coach to Everywhere
  • Creative Process
  • Personalizing the Process
  • Power of Agreement
  • What is Spiritual Practice
  • Duplicating the Nature of Spirit
  • Tools for Change
  • Principles of Productive Prayer
  • Moods of Prayer
  • Path to Freedom
  • Pray from the Kingdom your in
  • The Principles of Financial Freedom
  • Sphere of Availability
  • Purpose of Money
  • Three Laws of Money
  • What is Wealth
  • Dealing with Debt
  • The Presence and Practical Means
  • Law of Circulation
  • Gift of Giving
  • Attitudes of Acceptance
  • Truth about Tithing
  • Letting Go of Lack
  • The Declaration of Principles
  • The Sacred Code

You'll create your own personalized current (based on where you are now) and future (based on where you desire to be) Spiritual 'Spending Plan' by the end of the course that will be based on your personal Net Wealth, the Spiritual Laws learned throughout the coursework, and the areas of expression that mean the most to you.