The Unity Center

Spiritual Partnering Across Generations


We are all indebted to the past, to those who precede us. We drink from wells we have not dug, we enjoy liberties we have not won, we share faith whose foundations we have not laid. At the same time, we are seeds of the future, for those who succeed us. We dream and envision and set things in motion. The fruition of our decisions will be known only to others who we will not meet. We are called to partner in faith with those who have gone before us and to offer the best that we have to give to those who will follow. 

Planned Giving offers the opportunity to make an enduring statement of faith through a charitable gift which will build on and extend our church's ministry for generations to come. Our congregation is an inclusive community of faith, committed to excellence in spirituality, music, education, and outreach. Planned giving is one way we can ensure that this commitment remains strong into the future, to ensure the long-term security, viability and vitality of The Unity Center. 


What is a Planned Gift?

“Planned giving creates a model for our children. It bears witness to our priorities”

A planned gift is a form of charitable giving made in the context of your estate planning. Since estate planning is the process of managing your accumulated assets for the present and future, a planned gift is included in a written statement of your overall intentions for your resources. When carried out with discernment, a planned gift becomes part of your expression of your deepest values and an extension of spiritual practice. Through such an act of stewardship you can create the kind of legacy you would like to leave at The Unity Center. Planned gifts take many forms, some of the most popular being a gift conveyed in a will or a charitable gift annuity. You can also use an IRA or an insurance policy to make a planned gift. 


What are the advantages of a planned gift?

For the Giver:

Creation of a legacy which expresses the giver’s deepest convictions. It need not diminish current income or current assets. Potential tax advantages for you and your heirs. The satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the future of The Unity Center and its ministry for generations to come. 

For The Unity Center: 

Endowment gifts serve as an enduring source of support for the growth of ministries at The Unity Center and you can designate gifts to support specific areas of our ministry (music, mission, building, worship etc). Growing endowments provide financial stability for the future of The Unity Center. Each commitment to the future is a building block toward a stronger church family and community today. 


How Will my gift be used?

You may let those who will lead our church in future years decide how best to use the gift in their time, or you may choose to direct your gift to a specialized endowment fund which supports the area of ministry you regard as particularly important. 

•   General Endowment Fund: Includes all unrestricted endowment gifts given to The Unity Center. Proceeds provide support to the work of the Church as interpreted and allocated by current leadership.

•   Building Sustaining Fund: Provides funding for the maintenanceand renewal of the Church’s building and grounds.

•   Music Endowment: Provides funds to support the Church’s worship, music and other arts.

•   Education Fund: Provides funding to support Youth Village, its programs and teachers who pass our church teachings and values to school-age children.

Other endowments might be established based on the desire for the planned giver. 


Consultation on Planned Giving

Board member John Jenkins would be pleased to meet with you as you begin your deliberations concerning a planned gift to the church. Other members of our Planned Giving Committee are also available to assist you in reviewing the various forms which planned giving can take and to provide materials to help you develop a working understanding of the financial, tax, and estate planning considerations involved in such a gift.

In all circumstances, however, you should consult with your own legal and/or financial advisor as you begin to finalize your giving plans. If you do not have a financial advisor, a member of the Planned Giving Committee can provide you with a list of such professionals recommended by members of The Unity Center who have consulted them for these purposes.

We hope that you consider joining The Unity Center Legacy Circle to “seed the future” of our church.

“Imagine the annual stewardship of this congregation’s children and grandchildren going directly to the church’s mission because the endowment is able to sustain the day to day expenses of the church. Each of us, no matter our current income, can be part of securing an abundant future for the Church we love through legacy giving.”

If you are interested in becoming a Member of the Legacy Circle, please fill out this Gift Information Form and someone will contact you immediately. 


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