Are You Looking Through the Window?

Based loosely on the book "Saving Jesus from the Church: How to Stop Worshiping Christ and Start Following Jesus" by Robin Meyers, Wendy will be examining Jesus through the eyes of Unity and New Thought.

If you are a 'Christian with Questions', curious to hear a perspective on Jesus that is maybe different than the one you grew up with or you are just curious how Unity views the life of Jesus....the man, the myth...the legend- you won't want to miss this fascinating 6 week series.

April 16: Are you Looking Through the Window?
April 23: Jesus is the Assignment
April 30: Faith as Being; Not Belief
May 7: Original Blessing, Not Original Sin
May 14: Compassion; Not Condemnation
May 21: To Be Forever Changed

In her Easter talk, Rev. Wendy begins a 6-week series, Reclaiming Jesus. This week Rev. Wendy talks about how Jesus was about transformation and opened a path to God consciousness that vibrantly speaks to us today. Jesus held a unique concept of God as a presence dwelling within us-a principle by which we live-not as an object of worship.
Wendy Craig-Purcell